Interpreting services

at court hearings and for meetings at public authorities

Whether it is for an interview in the job centre or at the tax office, or when you are preparing your marriage ceremony at the civil registry office, or if you need an official attestation from the youth office, I will offer you qualified linguistic support.


at notary's office for notarial acts and deeds

Such as real estate sales contracts, articles of association or marriage contracts. Upon ordering my notarial interpreting services you will receive a 50% discount for the translation of the corresponding written documents.


Escort interpreting services at meetings and events

such as visits of company's premises, corporate trainings, meetings and event hosting – for small groups or individuals.

Trade-fair interpreting services

for fair participants, support at the fair stand/booth, during presentations and meetings.

How will the fees for interpreting services be calculated? 

The fees for interpreting assignments are calculated on hourly or daily rates, and these depend on the urgency of the assignement and the size of the event. 


Of course the necessary preparation work such as studying relevant terminology and facts is included in the price.

Please contact me by phone or by email – I would be pleased to prepare a quote for your project.